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My Sunshine To You All: as a guide to u all

as a guide to u all

PEREMPUAN LINDUNGAN KAABAH - That is the title given by the people around her because of  Hanan attitude to perfect as a righteous Muslimah.

The presence of men who crave to be a wife has caused Hanan confused to choose between kindness and feel ...

"Hanan, over the years I know more about Islam than you. That is through e-mail or phone. Every time I want to invite you out, you're always pushing. You're not willing to go out with me? "- Alex

"Hanan! I would just love this feeling deep in my heart ... "- Amir

"Mummy wanted to marry Reez with ustazah? Every day with tudung, conveyed in this house even veiled. If Reez asked her to go to the club or karaoke, mummies do not think she wanted to go? "- Fareez

In order to return the favor, Hanan sacrifice for missionary purposes. Hanan finally choose men who never thought would be her partner for life. But the attitude of the man who often just ignore the presence of the allah and girlfriend Sally as tested ark built.

"I'm not sexy ... With images of this loose robe and veil feels too awkward for me to be in the world Fareez . I'm sure this is not a choice, but I personally had never dreamed to live with it. "- Hanan

In order to derive Allah subsided, Hanan trying to survive and win the hearts of men called husband. But ... Hanan should the principles sacrificed her life for the sake of the happiness that she herself was not sure? Between love for her husband and the love of God, which should come first?

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